1. He bragged about grabbing women by the pussy
  2. He had an affair with Stormy Daniels, a pornstar, 4 months after having a child with Melania
  3. He was accused of sexual assault by over 25 women
  4. He didn’t pay his taxes
  5. He called Mexicans “rapists” in his inauguration speech
  6. He suggested that vaccines cause autism
  7. He imposed a Muslim travel ban
  8. He called John McCain a “loser” for being a prisoner of war
  9. He prevented transgender students from using bathrooms in line with their gender
  10. He appointed Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, as Secretary of Housing and Development
  11. He appointed Steve Bannon, a far-right nationalist, as his Chief Strategist
  12. He appointed Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier, as Head of the EPA
  13. He removed all information about climate change from the EPA website
  14. He eliminated standards for healthy school lunches despite 1/5 children being obese
  15. He dismissed Russian interference in the 2016 election
  16. He fired FBI Director James Comey in the midst of the Russia investigation
  17. He withdrew from the Paris Agreement on climate change
  18. He threatened North Korea with “fire and fury”, risking a nuclear war
  19. He restricted transgender people from serving in the military
  20. He suggested that NFL players should be fired for kneeling during the national anthem
  21. He approved legislation to open 94% of previously protected shoreline to offshore drilling
  22. He referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and nations in Africa as “shithole countries”
  23. He allowed hunters to start importing sport-hunted African elephant trophies
  24. He advocated for the execution of drug dealers as a solution to America’s drug problem
  25. He withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal
  26. He started a trade war with China, which cost the US economy over $300 billion
  27. He fired the pandemic response team, calling them “unnecessary”
  28. He detained child migrants at the border by putting them in cages
  29. He supported the Saudi Crown Prince after he was found guilty of killing of a journalist
  30. He shut down the government for 34 days when the border wall didn’t receive funding
  31. He tried to buy Greenland
  32. He bragged about the economy during the highest unemployment rate in 50 years
  33. He suggested that ingesting disinfectants could cure Covid-19
  34. He tear-gassed Black Lives Matter protesters so that he could attend a photo op
  35. He refused to confront Russia after they placed bounties on American soldiers
  36. He berated Nascar for banning the Confederate flag
  37. He threatened to tax universities due to their “radical left indoctrination”
  38. He pardoned Roger Stone of a prison sentence for his involvement with Russia
  39. He said that he might not accept the results of the 2020 election if he loses
  40. He tried to defund the USPS to prevent mail-in voting
  41. He compared the police officers who killed George Floyd to golfers missing a putt
  42. He mocked Biden for wearing a mask and then tested positive for Covid-19 days later
  43. He falsely accused Kamala Harris of being born outside the US
  44. He dismissed climate change as a factor in the CA wildfires that burned 4 million acres
  45. He tweeted “liberate Michigan” after men had plotted to kidnap the state’s governor
  46. He downplayed Covid-19 and refused expert advice, which led to over 200,000 deaths
  47. He spent $140 million of taxpayer money so that he could play golf
  48. He replaced 91% of his cabinet members
  49. He tweeted “fake news” or “fake media” 936 times over the past 4 years, discrediting the media
  50. He increased the federal debt by $5.3 trillion, compared to $2.2 trillion over the previous 4 years




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